Saturday, April 7, 2012

No. 480: A Japanese plant factory goes to Russia (April 6, 2012)

Business trend
Senkon Logistics based in the Tohoku district shipped a plant factory to the Far Eastern region of Russia. Using the marketing channel of its business partner, VL Logistics, the company plans to sell plant factories to local supermarkets. Targeting the cold district where fresh vegetables are hard to get, it wishes to stimulate demand for fresh vegetables and expand the market to the entirely Siberia. A supermarket chain in Vladivostok has decided to purchase a plant factory on trial. The supermarket chain plans to produce vegetables with a daily production capacity of 100 pieces, but it will purchase additional factories to increase the production capacity and sell vegetables produced in the plant factories through all its outlets staring this autumn.

Espec, a Tokyo-based company specializing in environment-related equipment, will build the plant factory. It is a 20 feet-40 feet container-like factory that grows lettuce, basil, sweet herbs for a 20-30 day cycle under the strict management of light, temperature, water, and fertilizer. As it is rather hard to grow vegetables in such a cold area as the Far Eastern region of Russia, Japanese vegetables grown in a plant factory are expected to be sold 2-3 times higher than locally-produced vegetables. In particular, Japanese vegetables are supposed to be in great demand in winter. Senkon plans to expand the market to Irkutsk and cover the entire Siberian market in the future.

 Pant factory 

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