Saturday, April 14, 2012

No. 486: High-tech characterizes the Shin Tomei Express Highway (April 14, 2012)

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Part of Shin Tomei Express Highway (New Tokyo-Nagoya Express Highway) was open to the public today to mitigate the heavy traffic of the Tomei Express Highway. The monitoring center is full of equipment loaded with the state-of-the-art safety technology. Staff members watch 136 monitor screens and monitor every part of the new express highway (162 km) for 24 hours. The screens are 3 m high and 27 m wide combined. 

A monitor camera is stalled about every one kilometer, and pictures taken by monitor cameras are displayed on the 136 monitor screens to show the ongoing traffic to the staff members of the center. Some of the cameras have the function to detect the traffic congestion and accident on the road automatically. In the tunnel, lighting comes from the above diagonally to help the driver see his front clearly. The entirely new Shin Tomei Express Highway will be open in 2020. 

Part of the newly constructed Shin Tomei Express Highway was open today to mitigate the heavy traffic of Tomei Express Highway that connects Tokyo and Nagoya. State-of-the-art technology is incorporated in the traffic monitoring system. 

Shin Tomei Express Highway 

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