Thursday, April 12, 2012

No. 484: Joint development of the flight control technology for an unmanned plane (April 12, 2012)

With the rapid development of the information technology, the competition for more advanced unmanned plane is growing intense. The two venture companies, Xenocross and PDAerospace, conclude a contract of joint development of the flight control technology for unmanned planes. The will try to demonstrate the remote control technology developed by Xenocross using the unmanned plane built by PD Aerospace.

Xenocross is developing the first person view (FPV) technology that allows for real-time projection of the image taken by the camera on an unmanned plane and the technology to display such data as plane position, speed, and altitude on the monitor screen on the ground. PD Aerospace is addressing flight demonstrations of unmanned planes with a view to developing manned spacecraft in the future. Unmanned planes need to satisfy high degree of requirements, such as pesticide spraying, aerial photography, collection of detailed information on the damaged area, and searching for casualties. The two companies will jointly develop the maneuver technology responding to the increasingly diverse operational needs of unmanned planes.  

Successful landing of an unmanned plane by Self-Defense Forces

Rapidly developing unmanned weaponry

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