Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No. 483: Pilot production of thin and bendable solar batteries begins early next year (April 11, 2012)

Business trend
Mitsubishi Chemical will construct a plant for the pilot production of thin and bendable solar batteries with an investment of 1-2 billion yen. The solar battery to produce is the next-generation solar battery called organic thin film. The company will start to produce the samples because it opened up the prospect for commercial application technically. The plant is scheduled for completion within the year, and production will start early 2013.

The organic thin film solar battery has low generation efficiency than currently popular silicone solar battery, but it can be produced by applying chemical products to glass and film. In addition, it can be easily mass produced to reduce the price of a generation system considerably. Because it is easily processable, it can be integrated into housing wall, window glass, and mobile phone. The company positions the thin and bendable solar battery as one of its promising products and exerts lots of energy on the development. It plans to increase the annual production of this product to more than 10 billion yen in 2015. 

TDK's thin and flexible solar battery 

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